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MA-242-02: Calculus III, Summer  2019

Location:   105 Ricks Hall

Time:  MTWThF  10:20AM – 12:30PM

Office Hours: 4121 SAS Hall

Tuesday, Thursday 12:30AM – 1:30PM

Link to Syllabus

“Mathematician: Here are the theorems which describe n-dimensional space.

Physicist: Well I only care about 3-dimensional space.

Mathematician: Okay, then substitute n=3”

Outside Resources

Paul's Online Math Notes​: Calculus III

Detailed lessons and example problems on all 3rd semester calculus topics. Slightly cringy 2002-era html website, but a fantastic resource nonetheless. 

Khan Academy Multivariable Calculus

This youtube playlist covers all the essential topics of the course. It is great if you are an auditory learner – Sal Khan is a fantastic orator. The order of the videos does not match the order of our course perfectly, so you might have to hunt around to find the video you want. 

Wolfram Alpha

A computational knowledge engine that will put your TI-89 to shame. Just type in plain english "graph z=log(x^2 + y^2)". Experiment with this to get a handle on 3D surfaces. Does not work for plotting vector valued functions (chapter 2). For plotting curves in 3D space use this tool instead.

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